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Tax strategies matter for Africa growth

Anyone would agree that tax strategies matter for Africa growth. By tax strategies we mean effective tax strategies for Africa. Taxes in this case refer to domestic taxes charged by African countries on goods and services. Ideally, taxes charged affect the competitiveness of the goods and services in external markets. While this an obvious thing …

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Uganda loses airport to China?

As part of our Africa policies insights we consider the recent uproar on Uganda losing airport to China. We also look at the happenings on China – Africa relations in the year 2021. In the discussion our panelist looks at the following main considerations: China’s 2021 approach on lending to Africa. This is considering that …

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Post-COVID recovery strategies for Africa: discussed

The world suffered a significant hit in the year 2020 following the Covid pandemic. Economies were greatly affected by lockdowns and restriction of movement of people among other measures taken by governments. In the month of November we will have a series of discussions on ‘Post-COVID recovery strategies for Africa’. The discussion is necessary since …

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Informal sector within AcFTA

The Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AcFTA) was launched on 1 July 2021. In this discussion we reflect on the need to include the informal sector within the AcFTA. The informal sector here refers to the unregistered, unlicensed and largely businesses operating outside the purview of regulatory authority. Informal businesses tend to be a majority …

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Business incubators in Africa: some insights

Listen to this webinar on ‘Business Incubators in Africa’ where the panelists give some insights for entrepreneurs. The two panelists have experience with start-ups and running start-ups. Thus, they speak from their experience and knowledge in the area of incubation of businesses within Africa. To give some background information, incubation of businesses entails support of …

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Mobile money revolution: Kenya & Zimbabwe

Listen to this discussion on ‘mobile money revolution: Kenya & Zimbabwe’. The two countries have a significant mobile money user base. The biggest providers of the mobile money service in the two are, M-PESA in Kenya and Ecocash in Zimbabwe. The panelists consider, how mobile money works, monopolistic tendencies in the sector and the regulatory …

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Fintech in Africa: Kenya, TZ & Nigeria

Listen to our webinar where we consider the ‘Fintech in Africa’ scenario. We have panelists from Kenta, Tanzania & Nigeria. We consider the regulation, financial inclusion and taxation surrounding fintechs’ in these countries. The discussion is quite insightful especially on the positive impact of fintech in Africa. Please have a listen to the podcast version …

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Untapped Africa digital Market

The Africa digital market remains largely untapped. This is in considering the level of penetration of internet through the continent and the level of digital skills which is much lower compared to other continents. The situation is exacerbated by digital shutdowns experienced often through government actions. A recent shutdown within the continent was the shutdown …

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