Uganda loses airport to China?

As part of our Africa policies insights we consider the recent uproar on Uganda losing airport to China. We also look at the happenings on China – Africa relations in the year 2021. In the discussion our panelist looks at the following main considerations:

  • China’s 2021 approach on lending to Africa. This is considering that the COVID 19 pandemic has affected negatively affected global economies. China is no exception to this negative effect. The panelist highlights that there was been need for China to rethink its lending to Africa.
  • The effect that China not opening its borders as late as December 2021 has on its relations with Africa. The panelist observes that other countries have carried on supporting China related activities outside China like road constructions within Africa. This means that countries have been indirectly supporting the Chinese industries as even their domestic industries struggle.
  • The panelist also comments on the controversial issue of Uganda losing its airport to China. Uganda used the airport as collateral on a loan advanced by China. Uganda was however having difficulties in paying back the loan, not surprising for 2021, but China seized the airport.

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