Post-COVID recovery strategies for Africa: discussed

The world suffered a significant hit in the year 2020 following the Covid pandemic. Economies were greatly affected by lockdowns and restriction of movement of people among other measures taken by governments. In the month of November we will have a series of discussions on ‘Post-COVID recovery strategies for Africa’. The discussion is necessary since after the year 2020 countries are undertaking various post Covid recovery strategies.

What we will cover in the discussions

Some of the key areas that we will cover in the upcoming series of discussions will include:

  • Lessons learnt for Africa economies for example the limitations on domestic production due to overreliance other countries.
  • Impact of global shocks on global value chains. You can listen to our past discussions on Africa and global value chains to learn more about what this means for Africa.
  • Need to modify Africa business models with a view to grow certain domestic industries like tourism, manufacturing among others. You can find some good information on this in our past discussion on ‘ideas for African entrepreneurs
  • Highlight of general strategies that countries outside of Africa are taking to recover from the post-covid losses.
  • Consider what measures various African countries are taking to recover from the covid pandemic. Our aim here will be to compare and contrast what other countries are doing globally to deal with the economic downturn due to covid.

Please join us for the upcoming discussions in November 2021 on ‘Post-COVID recovery strategies for Africa’. Join us through our YouTube live streams and our podcast. In our discussions we aim at exchanging ideas across Africa. Therefore please share your thoughts with us.

Please send us your thoughts on the above areas that we plan to cover. Please write to us on our social media pages. You can find us on all social media platforms as – Africa iShare platform.



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