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Mech Wangu – Kenyan innovation

In this feature we look at Mech Wangu- Kenyan innovation providing access to Kenyan mechanics online. It is known that Kenya boasts a thriving ground for innovations including mobile payments. We came across this quite innovative online business – mech wangu.

It is an online business giving car owners and motorbike owners access to 1000+ verified mechanics. They also offer emergency towing service providers around Kenya. The product is built to work based on your location. You are requested to turn on your location and this way the website provides you with service providers near you.

Mech Wangu is a first of a kind innovation around Africa. It was launched in May 2022 and holds great potential. You can look through their social media pages @mechwangu for more upcoming features.

We look forward to hosting the innovative team in our podcast in the near future. You can see more about Mech Wangu – Kenyan innovation on the feature image to this post.

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