Business incubators in Africa: some insights

Listen to this webinar on ‘Business Incubators in Africa’ where the panelists give some insights for entrepreneurs. The two panelists have experience with start-ups and running start-ups. Thus, they speak from their experience and knowledge in the area of incubation of businesses within Africa.

To give some background information, incubation of businesses entails support of businesses in their initial life cycle to enable them to grow. The support could be in the form of finance, business advice & regulatory support. This discussion comes very handy for entrepreneurs across Africa. Please also look out for our trainings in due course targeted at entrepreneurs across Africa.

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Also please look out for these upcoming discussions – Regulatory Sandboxes in Africa (to be held on 22 July 2021 @7:30 PM East Africa Time) & China digital revolution (to held on 29 July 2021 @7:30PM East Africa Time).



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