China – Africa dance: debt trap in the offing?

In this upcoming webinar we look at the ongoing discussion on China – Africa debt trap. The rhetoric is that China is offering loans to Africa under the guise of helping but with the real intention is to trap Africa in debt. The rhetoric then goes… once Africa falls into the trap, Africa will dance to the tune of China. China disputes the rhetoric as baseless and holds that it is made in bad faith.

What does Africa think? China and the west are battling it out on the issue. Africa, however, does not seem too sure of what to think about the issue.

Join us for this week’s webinar where we discuss the following:

  1. Is debt financing for Africa’s development sustainability a vicious cycle?
  2. The role of China in Africa debt.
  3. The question on China’s motives in giving the loans to Africa.
  4. What is the nature and elements of China debt financing in Africa?
  5. What do the terms and conditions of typical agreements look like for Chinese loans to Africa?
  6. The role lending plays in the Belt & Road Initiative frameworks and engagement with Africa.
  7. What security/collateral is Africa giving for the loans? Natural resources? The infrastructure constructed?
  8. What is the risk that Africa faces in case of default on the loans?
  9. Is renegotiating of the terms a possible solution for Africa?
  10. Would negotiating joint terms on the loans a solution for Africa? Possibly through FOCAC or under the Africa continental Free Trade Area?
  11. Is Africa really gaining from the loans both in short term & long term?
  12. What are the implications for Africa’s debt financing relationship with China in contrast to that with its traditional lending partners in the West?
  13. What are the mechanisms African government can employ to achieve debt sustainability in line with development goals?

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