AcFTA goes live: what it means (A Webinar)

The AcFTA (Africa Continental Free Trade Area) started operating on 1 January 2021. A number of questions are being raised as to what to expect now?

This webinar (AcFTA goes live: what it means) will look at:

  • What does the launch mean in actuality?
  • Overall, what is the goal of AcFTA?
  • What should people expect? E.g. lesser migration restrictions for business people? Faster clearance of imports and exports across Africa?
  • What would count as success for AcFTA? Is it increase in intra-Africa trade volumes? Notable economic growth in different countries?
  • What are some of the things needed for AcFTA to take off successfully?
  • What (if anything) has been done to ensure a smooth sailing of AcFTA? Have countries been working on improving road/rail networks? Harmonization of customs?
  • What are some real threats to the success of AcFTA? Is anything being done by AU & individual countries to deal with the threats?

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