A recap: Crypto currency, Africa where we at?

This was a very information discussion. Basically crypto currency is a block chain technology that allows transfer of value fast and cheaply. So you can send money as quick as you can send a message on email. Think internet of money.

Akoin, is a type of crypto currency being developed to work in Africa. Akon, the musician who is also founding the Akoin city, backs it. The Akoin is first of its kind in Africa. Akoin is looking to work on the Stellar protocol which is an open source blockchain payment system.

In the discussion we also looked at the main crypto currencies including, Bitcoin, XRP and XLM. We got thoughts on the huge appreciation in Bitcoin and the potential that XRP and XLM hold for would be investors.

Lastly, we had a wholesome discussion on possibility of Africa adopting crypto currency and what challenges would stand in the way of this happening. Quite an enlightening discussion!

Listen to the full discussion on our YouTube channel here.

With much thanks to Katleho Moletsane who led us in the discussion.

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